Yuen Long Po Kok Primary School
2018-2019 English Department


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1.English Friday

Students looked forward to English Friday every week for a chance to practice their English skills while playing fun, interactive games. Story Time with Miss Nicole is a student favourite and features an interesting new book read in the English Room each week. There were also many exciting new booth games run by the English Ambassadors in the basketball court. In addition, all classes had the opportunity to participate in a spelling competition held in the hall and a brand-new, life-size “aeroplane chess” game in the basketball court.


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2.English Week – Travel Around the World

To create a buzz of excitement surrounding the English language and it’s use in our daily lives, English Week is held annually featuring a different focus each year. This year English Week was held the last week of November and our theme was “Travel Around the World”.  There were many exciting activities for students to participate in, including a fashion show put on by P2 students who modelled special clothing from around the world and game booths in the hall showcasing various countries. Students also had the opportunity to “travel” to exotic locations around the globe and have their photo taken with props and scenic backdrops.

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3.Parent-child Strategic Reading Programme

In order to nurture our students’ love of reading, it is important for parents to create an environment that supports this in their home. Miss Nicole ran a two part workshop series outlining important tips and strategies for parents to support their young readers.  Answers to questions regarding why, when, who, how and where of reading were explored as well as outlining some essential reading strategies parents can use with their children.

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4.Choral Speaking Team

The Choral Speaking Team got the Certificate of Merit (P.1-3 Mixed Voice) in 70th Hong Kong Speech Festival 2018. See how engaging they are while they are having Choral Speaking Training! They enjoy reciting English poems on the stage!


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5.English Drama Team

Our school drama team joined the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2018/19. They won seven awards in total, including the Outstanding Performers, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Script, Outstanding Co-operation and Award for Commendable Overall Performance.


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6.SCOLAR English Alliance

Our school collaborated with SCOLAR to give the students a wonderful experience in learning English. With an interesting story sharing, creative hand-craft making, learning English is so much fun!


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7.English Puppetry Team

An English Puppetry Team extracurricular activity has been held every Friday afternoon of this school year. Miss Nicole has led a group of eager students through the steps of creating a puppetry show from creating our own puppets to devising and rehearsing a script and honing our vocal delivery and performance skills. The script which has been our focus is called “Oh My, Blueberry Pie” by Scott Wilkins and features a naughty group of pie-eating animals on the loose in Hong Kong.